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I love that it is very easy to set one's own pricing for their products (even if they are not at all comparable with those of competitors). The customer service has been fantastic as well! It can be somewhat confusing when there isn't much documentation available online about how exactly things work - but once we figured out what was going wrong then our site got back into action quickly again :) We have just recently launched so everything looks really new/fresh still even though its only two months old now since launch time!! So far nothing negative here other than maybe lack of more advanced features such as an analytics section etc? But thats because this product offers SO MUCH already including being able get started super fast without having any coding skills required which makes us feel like home right away haha ;) You will need some kind technical knowledge however otherwise setting your prices might seem difficult.전체 리뷰보기

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It's easy for both candidates (and employers) to find each other through this platform! The interface of their website looks very outdated but I can't complain about how well designed everything else seems like. They have some great features which are not always used by everyone all at once so you may want try out different options before deciding what works best in your situation. There isn’t much as far as complaints go because there really aren’t any problems or issues when using them apart from maybe finding more people who use similar platforms/tools than just yourself? You could benefit greatly if you're looking into recruiting online via social media sites such as LinkedIn etc. Recruiting new talent has never been easier nor faster thanks to IT RIS9!!전체 리뷰보기

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Florida Marine Research SFM00007 1 5 Ounce

My Hermies love it. Whenever I put it in as a treat, they come out of hiding within minutes. It got to the point where I had to put two separate plates of this delicacy in the aquarium so they wouldn't fight over it. My smaller crab would sit on the plate keeping the larger crab away. It became a King of the Hill game crossed with Royal Rumble.전체 리뷰보기

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PetSafe Premium In Ground Cat Fence

Last year we moved into a house on the golf course. We wanted to allow our two cats access to the outdoors but wanted them to stay away from the golf course. We installed an invisible fence a few months ago and I wanted to give it time before doing a review. Our conclusion: Invisible Fence works! Our cats don't go over the fence now. We trained them like the manual says. We started by putting a collar on them, then taking them out on the leash for a short time, setting boundaries and allowing them to "shut up". (They overreact the first time or two, as cats usually do.) They learned quickly, and soon all they had to do was hear a beep to know they'd gone too far. However, our cat is smarter and much stronger willed than the other one and also considers herself a master of escape. As soon as they were released onto the street "unsupervised" and off a leash, she began jumping over the barrier. At that moment we thought maybe this was all doomed. But, as the instructions say, I reinforced the "juice" on her collar (#3) and increased the width of the barrier. It worked and she didn't run away again. Now she seems perfectly content to stay within limits. At the end you remove the barrier flags. I left ours on for about a month and then periodically took them off. You remember! I'm so glad we decided to try this. It's good for cats to have access to sun, grass, and fresh air. I would recommend this, but by no means try to cut corners when it comes to learning. Take the time to get it right. This can be time consuming and a little frustrating at first, but with consistent and consistent execution, your cats can be trained. I would also like to point out that our cats are quite small (about 6 1/2 lbs. 8 lbs) and I thought collar size would be a real issue. But they got used to it very quickly. In fact, when I take their collars off and tell them to go outside, they come running and stand up and let me put them on. They associate it with going out. By the way, we don't leave them at home on departure or at night. UPDATE IN A FEW MONTHS: Still working great! There have been a few times that I've been lazy and didn't put the collar(s) on my cat(s) and damn they know! They cross the border if they don't wear a collar. But with collars they stay where they belong. ALSO you can purchase collar batteries (size CR1/3N) in cheaper packages. Simply remove the small tabs from the black plastic bracket holding the battery, then use pliers to pry the old battery out. You don't have to spend a lot on special batteries.전체 리뷰보기

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FHS 82V 300W Projection Bulb

Arrived in about a week. The lamp arrived with no problems. I installed it in my projector and it works like a charm. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to find a replacement for the bulb as these projectors were almost extinct. I was just lucky that I was able to find this pear. No shipping problems, it was well packaged and looks perfect when showing slides of my dad's photos from the 1940's.전체 리뷰보기

h2pro canopy gallon aquarium 0 16in 로고

H2Pro Canopy Gallon Aquarium 0 16In

Marineland Aquarium. Originally purchased from Petsmart. They didn't have a spare glass that was big enough, although they claim to fit 55-75 gallon tanks but are 1/2 inch shorter on the sides. After searching the internet for the right glass, we came across this set. When the jar was received it was wrapped in bubble wrap so well that the jar couldn't shatter even if dropped by the delivery person. So thank you for the great packaging. Second, the glass is perfect for our aquarium. Came with four handles for two lids, which we only needed two of, so that's a plus too. The glass is also quite thick, thicker than the original glass that came with the tank. The original glass began to crack on the sides and even came loose in the hinges. Although this one should last quite a long time. I wish it was the one that came with the tank. :) I would definitely recommend this jar for a 75 gallon aquarium.전체 리뷰보기

sunteelong stretch jackets pullover sweater 로고

SunteeLong Stretch Jackets Pullover Sweater

Great quality and fits my small fat 16lb French Bulldog. Be sure to measure your pup carefully as the length will be longer than advertised.전체 리뷰보기

wellbro rolled leather adjustable training 로고

Wellbro Rolled Leather Adjustable Training

My rescued English Foxhound pulls his neck out of traditional collars very well. Therefore, when I go for a walk, I use this leash and I feel much safer. The feel and look of leather really can't be beat. And so far he has been holding up well (over 2 months) even with a 70lb dog who likes to pull when other dogs are around. I've even used it when running alongside my bike (although the 6ft might be a bit short for this use case). I think the length is perfect, keeps you under control, the dog can feel the slightest movement of your hand and it doesn't drag on the ground. Since this style works well I decided to get a regular martingale collar for his regular collar. If I want to use a regular leash.전체 리뷰보기

raincoat medium waterproof lightweight xx large 로고

Raincoat Medium Waterproof Lightweight XX Large

Excellent quality

Excellent quality and appearance. It's very small, so check the dimensions. It seems to fit a long, small-chested dog. I got a large for my 14 lb maltepoo who normally wears an M. XL which was out of stock would probably be better. It's ok if he couldn't walk in it as I only needed it for photos and the price was great. The chest area was too tight and didn't stretch, so you need to make it bigger in certain areas.전체 리뷰보기

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Zoo Med BettaMatic Automatic Feeder

To be honest I would have bought a different feed if there was any other special male food on would have given to the market. The reviews made me nervous, so I tested it for a few days and found similar issues. I think the biggest issue I've had that isn't mentioned in the reviews is that the hole can end up right or left when the fodder ball is spun. This means when the feeder puts down food, he puts it aside. If you have a traditional tank or an open, wide bowl, this shouldn't be a problem. But I have a tank for Back to the Roots, so the hole where the tank isn't closed isn't big enough to accommodate food coming in from the side. I ended up putting a thin tubular foam on top of the feeder ball so when the feed hits the side it goes into the tank. The second thing that worries me is the amount of food being served. It is too much. I know the troubleshooting advice says to adjust the inner cone to get a smaller value, but the instructions say the cone opening should face to the left. And to test, you have to wait a day to see what happens.전체 리뷰보기

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