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Child care software manages the internal operations (such as scheduling, attendance, and billing) of child care centers and preschool programs, as well as facilitates communication (messaging, notifications, alerts, and feedback) between parents and teachers. The software streamlines and centralizes child care center operations on a single platform. To learn more about child care software, read the reviews in this category.

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kaymbu 로고
3 리뷰

Kaymbu is the leading family engagement and classroom documentation tool for early education programs. From simple photo sharing to rich visual assessment, Kaymbu connects educators with young, digital-native parents.

kinderlime 로고
3 리뷰

Kinderlime provides an all-in-one cloud-based solution for childcare centers, preschools, aftercare programs and multi-site K-12 programs. Our app and web-dashboard allow for simplified sign in-out, attendance tracking, auto-billing, daily sheets, parent messaging and reporting. Our intuitive software helps you manage your program from one dashboard and…

childdiary 로고
3 리뷰

ChildDiary is a new service that extends the communication between educators and parents by enabling educators to document daily records, development observations and also share spontaneous communications that can be shared instantly with parents. 로고
3 리뷰

Preschool tool that enhances productivity and communication between kindergarten, DayCare, teachers and parents.

kids xap 로고
3 리뷰

CCMS Software for efficient and engaged Child Care

educa 로고
3 리뷰

Early education software to document learning and inform parents, nurturing parent-teacher connections.

remini 로고
3 리뷰

Remini enables teachers and directors to document and share photos, messages, videos, newsletters, events, developmental milestones and much more to tell the story of each child at our school.

discover childcare 로고
3 리뷰

Our innovative systems make it easy to manage enquiries and marketing, enrolments, waitlists, room transitions, staff rosters and ratios, visitor tracking, invoicing and all other aspects of day to day childcare administration.

keedgo 로고
3 리뷰

Keedgo is a mobile app that connects after-school and youth activities with parents for efficient communication and scheduling.

123daycare 로고
3 리뷰

123Daycare is an easy to use software for daycare centers, preschools and family homes and allows you to manage programs, classes, and families, track payments & more.

affinety child care 로고
3 리뷰

Affinety Solutions advanced billing and attendance feature is ideal for managing child care program for school aged children as well as infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

daycare works 로고
3 리뷰

Daycare Works allows School Districts to organize and manage Before & After school care, school clubs, sports teams and community education programs through a safe online, web-based or mobile, portal from one central online location.

owna child care app 로고
3 리뷰

OWNA is an all-in-one child care management app that allows centre directors and staff to meet compliance needs in their child care centres. From managing the centre and staff, to parent engagement, OWNA is Australia's only all-in-one child care management app that does everything for your business.

aimy plus 로고
3 리뷰

World Class After School Care and Childcare Software

bumblebee 로고
3 리뷰

With BumbleBee, all your family data is at your fingertips. Build classrooms for today and in the future. Print sign-in sign-out sheets. Replace out-of-date spreadsheets.

blossom educational 로고
3 리뷰

The platform enables you to easily log all information about childrens activities and learning.

childpilot 로고
3 리뷰

ChildPilot is a childcare and preschool management software system that allows clients to to run their business via tablet, desktop or mobile phones.

childcareapp 로고
3 리뷰

childCareApp is a user friendly windowscomputer application for Single User, LAN Client-Server and Cloud. ChildCareApp is designed for the management, preparation and reporting of child care family registration, attendance, fiscal and food program data.

clonnecto 로고
3 리뷰

Clonnecto offers a way for schools, day care centres, pre-schools, clubs, sports and other schools to connect with parents and carers, sending important information directly to their mobile phone, cell phone or tablet.

cubsta 로고
3 리뷰

Cubsta is a feature-rich, cloud-based software that allows childcare operators to manage their day-to-day operations and engage with parents. Collaborate in a secure and private setting to foster a child's journey of early learning and development.

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