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Insight engines help companies to find and analyze different kinds of data. Users can utilize these services to streamline the search for the necessary information of any type. To learn more about Insight engines, read the reviews in this category.

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neddick enterprise 로고
5 리뷰

Neddick is an Open Source Enterprise Information Discovery Platform part of the Fogcutter suite which features numerous capabilities which allow firms to solve problems related to knowledge and information sharing, knowledge transfer, innovation and collaboration.

stravito 로고
5 리뷰

Ever find yourself wondering what your company already knows about a key topic or trend? Stravito is a purpose-built storage and sharing system for market research. With Stravito, you can centralise your insights and make them accessible to employees everywhere, with minimal time and effort. Stravito is a user-friendly application that puts you first…

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