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Review on 4ART Coin by gregori cordova

An innovative project aimed at a specific audience

Currently most of the cryptocurrencies that come out to the market are intended for a specific audience, most are focused only on providing financial services, such as exchange, and a few others are aimed at content creators, for example, in different areas. 4ART is one of them, in which it is intended to build a massive international platform to promote better transparency and security in relation to the art world, taking advantage of the potential offered by the decentralization of the blockchain. It was unveiled in 2018 by a team of professionals and art lovers in Switzerland and Germany through an ICO.

This platform has an app, in which artists have a great number of possibilities to develop and grow in the global art industry. Due to the fact that today the falsification of works of art is more and more common, the purpose of 4ARTis to allow its users to register a digital fingerprint of their works in the blockchain, where they would remain unchanged at all times, making it possible through its 4ARTDNA technology that would record a whole series of important data about each work.

This application is accessible to all users around the world who use IOS operating system and creating an account will only take a few steps. In it, artists will be able to upload their works of art and create certificates of authenticity that will allow them not to be victims of fraud, since they are backed by the extreme security of the blockchain. This app also works as a virtual assistant in which they can be maintained. contact with potential clients all over the world in a simple way without so much paperwork.

In general, it offers many possibilities for artists to develop their careers, in an easy way and at their fingertips, since they can receive and answer requests without having to leave the app.

In their social networks there are many testimonies of artists who today feel more secure, knowing that their works of art are supported by blockchain technology and are being seen by many clients around the planet without much effort and no agency or gallery will be necessary to make future sales.

Pros & cons

  • It is an innovative technology aimed at a specific audience, with great potential
  • The artists who use this app feel safer from possible fraud with their works
  • There is no need for intermediaries to sell their works of art, since they can do it directly with customers through the app, and artists earn royalties for the use of their works
  • The information of your works of art are secured by blockchain technology which will prevent forgeries
  • It is directed by a great team of professionals from the art world in Switzerland and Germany.
  • In their social networks they are promoting an increasing number of artists and their testimonies
  • They have a support team both on the website and in the application
  • Not much is known about their token, and how it works as the whitepaper link on their platform is not working