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Review on Aegeus by Vincent Michael

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Currently an inactive project.

Aegeus is a cryptocurrency platform that was designed to bring many information to the blockchain market concerning price and new rated project. This project has not been functioning properly as the founder's has been out off reach. Without giving any information concerning the development of this project. This project has promised to do many things for it customers but there was nothing seen from this project. It also announced that they where able to increase the business of investors and also lend out funds to user's

Although all this promises where good but they couldn't bring them to pass. This is the problem of many projects today, after promising the masses and they tend up putting hope on the project, they end up breaking the hearts of investors. U might also lose your way around this project, because the current rating on the social media is been hyped and if you don't be careful you will end up agreeing to their term and condition

A bot was set up to respond to people, which is still going on, but if you make good research you will understand the situation that is going on this project. The social accounts is decieving if you don't be careful you will end up losing your assets

Note: this project cannot give you any financial development, I will advise you look for other products

  • No advantage.
  • Make a lot of promises that was unfulfilled.
  • Has been rated as a bad project.
  • Could not supply good information as promised.

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