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Review on Aston by Othere Obtentus

No longer in service

ASTON is a decentralized platform for the authentication of documents. Its technology is developed using the existing blockchain platform, with enhancements that result in a cutting-edge security solution. The X-chain technology developed by ASTON resolves the various problems present in existing blockchain systems.

ASTON was a platform that further explored the applications of blockchain technology in the practical world. But by the looks of the project's history, its development team was never that motivated to make their objectives operational.

The ICO was launched in the end of 2017 by an unverified team but after its release in the market, it could not sustain its ICO price even for a month. The project did not witness any major developments from its team and without much marketing and attention from its core team, it could not realize any demand for itself.

When visiting the official website of the company, its web servers were down and it was no longer in service. Its hard to determine from when the website is down but it seems like it is out of order for a long time. The only social network that ASTON operated was its telegram group but even that is not reachable currently. There is no way of reviewing any intricate information about ASTON from its official sources as the whole project is no longer in service.

ASTON is no longer operational in the market as well. Its Return on Investment is negative 100% which means that the token is completely worthless right now. Its price fell rapidly in the market from the start without ever recovering and the investors participating in ICO has to sell is as quickly as they can to minimize their losses. The ICO team soon disappeared after the ICO ended and it seems like their motive was just to generate some capital from the investors. ATX has no trading volume currently. It is listed in only one exchange with 0 trading volume and no active trades. In the end, ASTON was just another dead token in the market and any investments made on it will only bear,

Pros & cons

  • None
  • Its website is down from a long time
  • No longer trading in the market
  • Not reachable in social networks
  • No major developments and marketing after ICO
  • ICO team disappeared with the capital
  • Worthless in the market