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Review on Bitcoin Private by Richard Strickland

BitShares forward again using BSIP56. We're currently the infrastructure…

BitShares forward again using BSIP56. We're currently the infrastructure platform for DEXs we will platform for CEXs and advanced financial services too.I'm proud to be a part of the community.

I am quite glad to declare that Loyaltycoin is using Bitshares technology to execute the initial actual life blockchain alternative, where the blockchain is employed to represent real resources, I mean the option to spend these assets in actual shops, in a loyalty program.Visit our thread and don't hesitate to comment.

Pros & cons

  • Mum's the word from Bittrex.With the amount of money they make every day on BTS trading, we can clearly and unreservedly rule out good business sense as a reason.That leave's us with just two primary possibilities: 1) they've lost their minds, or 2) they are extremely threatened and have decided to strike early while they think they still have a chance.BitShares is their primary long term competition. There's no doubt in my mind about that, and I think they have concluded that their long term livelihood is threatened seriously enough by BTS to warrant a strategy that limits as much as possible any type of support direct or indirect of BitShares, and if possible, especially if it's an indirect "side affect", that even damages its competitor's good name.
  • Was hard to believe when I saw it in bittrex. I didnt have notifications on so it cames a total suprise. If SEC continues this they will crash the whole altmarket. I will still hodl my DEX coins. They cannot ban them.