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Review on Bitcoin Private by LUIS RIVERO R

Bitcoin private is a bifurcation of bitcoin and Zclassic focuses on the…

Bitcoin private is a bifurcation of bitcoin and Zclassic focuses on the advantages of each one for the creation of a new network similar to bitcoin but contanto with the privacy and lightness of Zclassic, however there are many setbacks related to the biburcation since according to some Zclassic owners was not necessary and simply wanted to create a new crypto to get more funds, only this is there.

In addition to privacy and improvements in the bitcoin network does not offer another attraction to users of this cryptocurrency and its price has been in a resounding escapitosa and if they do not reinvent the end of this will end in oblivion.

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Currently there is no new relevant news, or updates. In the repository platform of github does not have new data, ie by

now the project is stalled.

In general to look for new data it is possible to know about the slow advances that have been made in development.

Its trading volume is alarmingly small and the exchanges where it is listed do not handle high volumes of transactions.

Currently Bitcoin private has been reducing the amount negotiated from the disadvantage with a recognized exchange where it was formally accused of

scam, however BTCP has not known how to handle the situation, continuing to decline as a project.


Pros & cons

  • It incorporates zk-snarks that the ZCL network uses to give privacy to transactions. Speed in transactions Availability of storage in most of the tickets, including cold. The data of those who send or receive the transaction are not published. The information and the code are open to anyone. Its distribution was fair, since it was 1 to 1 BTC and ZCL without additional benefit for the founder.
  • there are complaints that the largest holders of these two bifurcated cryptocurrencies were left with most of the bifurcated assets. It has a broad competition, and a downward trend in its price. It is possible that the main developer that is the same of ZCL made this bifurcation to obtain more funds since the other cryptocurrency was having many losses.