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Review on Celsius by erdi yılmaz

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Celsius is a platform that allows you to borrow and borrow with crypto assets and fiat currencies. It is based on ERC 20. It has the goal of making banking and financial management independent by creating decentralized communities.
80% of the platform's revenue is distributed to users. Thus, CEL holders are rewarded. 20% of the revenue is used for the development of the platform. Borrowing and lending on the platform can also be done with very low amounts.
The CEL Token reward program is divided into four groups. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The main purpose is to encourage users to keep more CELs. Most Celsius users hold CELs.
Cryptocurrency or fiat can be deposited on the platform. These assets are lent to borrowers. Income is distributed to users every Monday according to their investment amount.
Persons wishing to take out a loan must deposit an amount of CEL collateral corresponding to the amount due.

The highest interest can be earned from Synthetix Network Token with 17.78%. Interest rates range from 2.53% to 17.78%.

  • It has a fast and convenient interface. No withdrawal fees are charged. Thanks to this application, it became accessible for everyone to receive loans, send assets, earn cryptocurrency, and lend money.
  • Interest can be earned by lending 41 cryptocurrencies. 12 of them are stablecoins indexed to fiat currency. 2 of them are also indexed to gold.
  • There is a website for the CEL societ. Data such as growth chart, market value of CEL token, APR are shared on this website. Data such as purchased assets, CEL wallets and the amount of CEL they hold, the total amount of CEL held are shared. The website is independent. The aim is to increase transparency and inform.
  • I do not have a negative opinion about the project