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Review on Cream Finance by Ufuk Yıldırım

I believe Cream Finance will develop in the future

Hello everyone, today I will convey my Cream Finance experience to you.

Cream Finance is a platform I just started using and I liked its many features.

Cream Finance has many features on its site, the most important of which is that it is a DeFi platform and distributes cryptocurrencies to its users as a prize pool.

Cream Finance was founded this year and entered the cryptocurrency platform this year, although it has attracted many investors. I believe and trust that Cream Finance will improve itself more over time.

I think it is a simple design for the design of the site, but besides this, it works very fast in terms of processing speeds and you do not encounter any problems.

Since Cream Finance was founded this year, I could not trust the project and at first I was prejudiced like every user, but over time it developed itself a lot and became the focus of investors.

One of Cream Finance's best features is that you can trade with 35 different cryptocurrencies. In this way, you can trade on many crypto money exchanges.

If we talk about the payment system, the payment system works very well and they make their payments on time.

In addition, Cream Finance is a highly reliable project as it is a platform with Erc-20 base. My opinion is Cream Finance is a very reliable project, but users are just now realizing this reliability, but I think people are very skeptical about Cream Finance since Cream Finance is not regulated by an official company.

I have been using Cream Finance for a short time, I think the best feature is that it has very low transaction fees and very low money transfer fees. Generally, such DeFi projects are cut with very high transaction fees and most users are disturbed by this situation, I am included in them, but Cream Finance really provides a very good service to users by charging very little transaction fees. This is why I chose Cream Finance.

Finally, what I mean is this: If you want to use Cream Finance, I do not recommend using it without research.

Pros & cons

  • The site has many features and has a very fast interface
  • A platform that is the center of attention for investors
  • The transfer fee and transaction fee is very low. This is a very nice project
  • Since it is an Erc-20 based project, I think it is a very reliable project and its infrastructure is very solid
  • Many people view the Cream Finance project with prejudice
  • Users' money can be lost in case of any hacking