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Review on CyberVein by Alexander Grizma

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CyberVein review of cryptocurrency and "clouds" on the blockchain

-In recent years, cloud storage services have entered our lives very densely. Instead of CDs and flash drives, storage of almost any information on the cloud is now a competitive market as it is largely ruled by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. However, it does not stand still, as companies appear that offer a completely different way of storing data. In this article, we will take a look at the CyberVein cloud storage platform powered by blockchain technology CyberVein is a blockchain protocol for storing any amount of data, developed by the CV Technologies Foundation in 2017. The development team places greater emphasis on the enterprise market, enabling businesses to use a fast, secure and inexpensive way to store data. CyberVein is also a scalable platform for making payments and creating smart contracts. The CV team used an IOTA development, namely Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. With its help, you can provide a one-time access to data for a large number of users. CyberVein also uses the PoC (Proof of Contribution) consensus algorithm so that network participants can be rewarded for providing their free storage space.

Interestingly, the CyberVein network operates on the basis of sharding technology. In simple words, the entire CyberVein network is divided into ten subnets, and transactions are processed within these subnets. The more transactions are carried out on the blockchain, the more subnets will be created.

In terms of data processing, CyberVein integrates MapReduce technology (from Google). Data of any size is processed by the nodes as follows: the node receives the initial data, breaks up a large task into several small ones and sends them to other CyberVein nodes in order to speed up the solution of the task in the first place. If you are interested in the details of the work, it is better to read the White paper of the project on the official website.

And finally. The CyberVein team plans to release a feature that will allow data owners to monetize data like on YouTube. If this data (content, photo or video) is useful to the public, then it will be possible to earn CVT tokens through advertising.Decentralized data storage and information processing is what Storj, Filecoin and Siacoin are doing now. However, they demonstrated a working product, which CyberVein cannot boast of. It is also worth remembering the risks - this is the anonymity of CyberVein developers and the lack of practical experience in promoting blockchain projects. Of course, this does not make CyberVein a failure, but it is a serious reason to look at other projects for investment.

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