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Review on Digital Rand by Tamilya Sergiya

Digital Rand.

Today, I would like to briefly share my thoughts on the Digital Rand project. It would not be wrong to say that this project is the first digital resource in South Africa to be identified on a par with Rand. I came across a post that said that there is an anomaly of trade prices, which is higher than average and that there is no trade in the last 3 hours. He was confident that the platform would be a great success when it was first launched. But the project failed to win the trust of the people who created it. Neither has it made great progress, nor has it disappeared. People are left wanting to find out if there is a replacement for this project, even if the desire is high.

Pros & cons

  • So be careful with this project and be open-minded because of the scams.
  • There is no other negativity.
  • The site has a claim that digital Rand is no longer working due to lack of customer demand.