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Review on DUO Network Token by Pedro O. Alvino M.

Decentralized trading and settlement platform for tokenized digital derivatives.

Specialized in the trade of tokenized digital derivatives, its mission is to solve the problems presented by the OTC trading platform that work centrally and presents some limitations in its systems for its operators, since the duo network is in charge of feeding the ecosystem of the DUO platform and its products works in a decentralized way.

With its CAT token, different functions can be managed on the platform such as the dual class token system, which works through specific smart contracts (Beethoven and Mozart)

Other of its products that is based on trading, the options that for some trading usually a profitable trade, where this is structured by smart contracts for the trade of tokenized options that provide autonomous transfers and customization.

The future of the platform will depend on how much community it can cover and how its token is offering a remarkable performance in the market, since in the case of tokenized digital asset trading, it is something that can be seen in other cryptocurrency projects.

Pros & cons

  • It offers many types of CAT products, which are designed for investors worldwide.
  • CAT's value is backed by digital assets held in its custody smart contract.
  • All CATs are ERC-20 compliant.
  • It integrates a dual class token system.
  • Implement tokenized options through smart contracts.
  • Substantially reduces the financing requirement through its collateral recycling system.
  • Through its protocol, community members can vote to integrate new smart contracts.
  • It is not the only platform that specializes in derivatives trading and market.
  • It is not recommended for inexperienced operators.
  • Trading of your token within the platform is very sparse.