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Review on Emercoin by Saleh Bayramli

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Today I am going to talk you about Emercoin token and its features.

EMC or "emercoin" (lowercase) is the currency accounting unit used for Emercoin blockchain financial transactions and Emercoin blockchain services. One cent EMC (EMc) is 0.01 EMC. The

infrastructure is on the Emerging Coin cryptocurrency blockchain, which uses the blockchain as a decentralized truststore for hashing the client's SSL certificate. The certificate can be generated locally by the client without any central authorization and can be quickly replaced as needed. This makes the system effective for both planned replacement and quick recovery of damaged certificates.

The uniqueness of this proposal is that the system is completely decentralized, that is, it lacks a set of servers running under a single authorization (such as those used in Kerberos, OpenID, TeddyID, and similar systems). Therefore, EMCSSL will not cause system-wide service interruption due to technical failures or malicious attacks on authorization servers. In addition, it is impossible for users to suspend their accounts globally at will.

also describes InfoCard, a decentralized distributed "business card" system that complements EMCSSL passwordless login by allowing the automatic filling of website configuration files. InfoCard can organize information in a hierarchical structure, which is very useful for quick content updates on all cards in a company or other organization.

In today's Internet, the primary method for the server to authenticate the client is a password system. The idea is that you have a secret password, created when you use the website for the first time, and confirm your identity when you visit it later. Although it seems simple on the surface, this system has many shortcomings:

weak password. Creating a password is usually the responsibility of the user, who often choose a password that is too easy to guess, such as a simple dictionary word or slightly modified dictionary word.

Complicated password. In order to avoid weak passwords, many websites force users to compose complex passwords, which contain a combination of characters, numbers and symbols; even if the password "mWxbq7LECJ7m4Gtu95L" is considered a weak password on websites with strict password requirements, because it does not contain such as @ ! $. Since the requirements are not standardized, the password may be rejected for other reasons, for example. For example, some sites will reject old passwords because they exceed the 16-character limit.

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  • it is good for investment
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