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Review on empowr coin by Aman Arora

Empowr is a first platfrom to integrate Virtual currencies to pay as pre coins

Empowr was built with the purpose of recycling products and to buy and sell products with very low cost with whatever you earn from the platform. Empowr is a registered patent of electronic transactions and first platfrom to use Virtual Money to be paid for services since its launch in 2001. Brian Woosley is the founder and President of Enpowr is the Man behind US based Social Media Platform

Empowr use to pay you for posting sharing a and sell products and services in empowr's own marketplace. You can choose your Coins which you earn to pay for products which takes 90 days to mature from the day you earn them or use Ether wallet to pay which was sync with your empowr account.

Empowr use Paypal to verify your accounts for years to be able to receive your payouts and pay for your purchasing but due to enormous complaints paypal stop providing their sevices. As empowr was specifically a marketplace and every user was assigned a daily goal according to their power level which includes bidding on products as well. While you bid daily you are likely to win few of the auctions and with lack of knowledge users dont cancel the auctions & system automatically Charge their credit cards or Paypal Accounts after sending an alert within 48 hours.

To make empowr a better place empowr introduce their own coin or should I say Coins. As I know, Empowr launch Four coins Emp Empw Empowr Green Empowr Orange but due to lack of crypto knowledge and liquidation all the empowr coins get dumped. Last coin EmpO was launched at a price of 1 Million. All the coins were launched at token store and ddex.

Empowr Idea was to lanch a platform without investments from wall street giants and pay everyone globally for using the platform but Since January 2020 Empowr site is down for upgrade and I must say they lack funds and asking everyone to pay to lead your cities as local presidents and guide them to use the platform but since then no news and no update has been posted. I dont hesitate to say that I use the platfrom for 3 years without recovering my funds which I invest in delivering products and investing in empowr coins and would not recommend anyone to use the most manipulated social media platform.

Pros & cons

  • Only Positive I notice is Empowr coins were launched with running any ICO
  • Lack of knowledge and continous complaints of unfair charges
  • Site is down for Upgrade for more than 11 Months without any update