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Review on Ethereum Classic by José A Rodríguez

ETC: The Way to Manage Digital Assets Without Third Parties Management

In today's review, I want to differentiate what ETC is. I choose this because I've seen so many crypto-authors often referring to this project just as an emergency model.

I knew of Ethereum Classic for the first time when I was reading about the recent advanced project. I found a direct link that took me directly to the site, and then I came here. I could say in advance that this is a popular decentralized project Perhaps it has had some minor issues in the past, but the overall company has improved a lot. They updated the platform to guarantee safety and become a reliable project. 

Is ETC a Good Representation of the Own Ethereum Lineage?

The green of this interface makes me think about default money currently related to dollars, but I also imagine it as a  new way of processing currencies. It's a vivid color as well as this project. It was released as an emerging blockchain to have better financial options.

This project is different for others in the field since it is relatively free and directed by an open-source. It does not require third-parties to recognize and permit transactions issued in the smart contracts. It is known it belongs to the Ethereum's family, but nowadays it offers great advantages that place it in a unique ecosystem. I dare to say this is not a promising project, it is already an excellent fact. 

The Three Digital Mainstays of ETC

I.    Decentralization. If I notice something for the first time in a crypto project, it is the way the network works. This one is globally active with crypto believers that support it.

II.    Immutability. The project cannot be copied because it's supported by a blockchain ledger. Operations and general transactions can be changed or deleted. 

III.    Hard-working AI. I like this blockchain because it's 24/7 active. It runs under contracts that are made in the way they were required.


In order of all the features, I mentioned before I want the crypto-community to take a look at it. There's so much to know and see, but until now this project is essentially allied to the smart contracts on the blockchain and the management of our assets. And of course, never forget the story. It's important to notice where Ethereum classic comes from to know where it will go, and where we'll go with it. 

Pros & cons

  • Contribution program. Everyone everywhere can support the growth of this project. Qualified crypto-volunteers can boost smart contracts and set a mining process with amazing ideas. 
  • Decentralized platform. Every movement runs in an open-source, everyone can see it and do not need to worry about third-parties management. 
  • Frequent partnerships with advanced projects. Recently the blockchain revealed it is possible to access the ETC token running through Rivet. 
  • Advanced ecosystem. The blockchain is set with excellent apps as well as exchange systems and wallets. This supports the fact that ETC token is currently one of the most operating cryptocurrencies.
  • Principal world regions are just established in Asia. The project's participants generally come from China, Japan, and Korea. 
  • It's a free project belonging to the Ethereum family but the last one is still the most traded and with a highly recommended audience.