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Review on Ethereum Meta by José A Rodríguez

Ethereum Meta: Little Representation to the Trading Fields of Ethereum

It is true what users say about Ethereum Meta and its low development, but I highly differ from it as an abandoned project because it has an updated roadmap that has been validated with registered activities already done. Their last developments are marked up to 2021, and the company seems to have been present there recently. 

The platform has some services that can be followed through the internet on a pc, or even through an available app for mobile devices. It is focused on trading transactions of ethereum and is supported by smarts-contracts. 

Anyway, I think the platform has limited content and this is what really affects it over all the other things that some researchers might consider. It is easy to explore the platform, but I'm afraid to tell you that it is more of the same and that currently the service provided has no elementary options. 

Note: the little content of the platform can affect the ideas of some users who just know about the platform and are starting on it. 

Pros & cons

  • It is supported by Ethereum and it gives activities to the blockchain.
  • Its roadmap shows details of activities possible to reach in the coming months.
  • Limited in content, and because of that, it is limited in activities and rating. The audience does not trust their services.
  • It does not appear in many exchanges. It has a low recognition by some of the allied exchanges of Ethereum.