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Review on ExclusiveCoin by Jimmy Centeno

ExclusiveCoin: global trade while keeping users' privacy at the forefront.

ExclusiveCoin (EXCL): is a project that focuses directly with global trade, keeping the privacy of users in the foreground at all times, achieving significant benefits in every market movement and in their e-commerce transactions, has a number of features and tools that directly help users, in making their financial decisions, its currency runs as a stable payment instrument, ensuring at all times operations with very viable levels of security, delivering the opportunity to satisfy the trading needs of users, it is a decentralized project with a stable ideal allowing a platform, It is a decentralized project with a stable ideal allowing a platform dedicated to the transfer of commercial assets, its growth as a project allowed to achieve an infrastructure that is able to manage with great precision the level of security and anonymity in the market, it is easy to access you have to create an account with basic personal data while maintaining privacy, allows a free market for its currency, as it is presented in different trading houses, implemented using an open source protocol designed to provide the greatest response in the shortest possible time in operations, its process in the creation of blocks records significant time and establish a stable margin.

Pros & cons

  • It has a self-adaptive ecosystem, following the free market and offering more and more financial transactions with greater stability and speed.
  • Its web design is visually pleasing, allowing you to focus on the important points as it does not produce visual fatigue.
  • It offers in a simple way services that are completely free and accessible to all types of users.
  • It is in a period of low popularity, its commercial value is low, and its market share has only been declining.