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Review on Fesschain by Ufuk Yıldırım

I think FessChain is a beautiful project that could be very useful to blockchain networks in the future

Hello, today I will tell you what I have read about FessChain and the experience I have gained.

Fesschain is a project that aims at improvements and innovations in the blockchain network to support improvements in the blockchain chain and support many features such as faster transaction speeds.

FessChain aims to combine daily transactions on the blochchain network with its own artificial intelligence system. Later, their main goal is to provide support to investors and networks/ cryptocurrencies on blockchain by combining artificial intelligence and Proof of Sake (PoS) technology.

Its overall goal is to create a new layout on blockchain and accelerate the speed of trading thanks to its artificial intelligence, but this project will be a project that was not very famous at first, as there may be investors who do not trust it in the blockchain network, and then I think it will become even more famous, but for now the fesschain project has been a project that I like in general.

One of the other goals in the project is to solve the problem of slowing the transaction speed that occurs when the transaction volume grows. But the project, which is looking for many solutions to this problem, is currently trying to solve it using artificial intelligence, and I can say that it is very successful in its work. I think that in the future, the project will be explained in detail, and users will learn more about the operation of Fesschain.

My overview of the project is very positive, having its own artificial intelligence and ending multiple solutions for many DApp using proof of Stake (PoS) technology are really nice features. You can understand that the project is very reliable by following investors and the founders of the company through their social media accounts. Because I found the founders of the project very reliable, my trust in the project has increased, and because they follow many Protection paths, such as DDOS protection on the blockchain chain, I currently have no trust problems.

FessChain will start listing in many cryptocurrencies with its own kritpo currency, Fess, but I think fess will be quickly valued when the project takes effect.

Pros & cons

  • Fesschain can bring many innovations with its own artificial intelligence on the blockchain network
  • I trust the founders of FessChain, so I'm starting to trust the project more because of it
  • Fesschain blockchain can offer a new network with very fast transaction speeds for high transaction volume transactions on heavy
  • I think it can bring a lot of new features to dapps and I think it will improve itself in a lot of ways.
  • The bad side of the project has not yet been found, but in the future, of course, there will be some problems
Hasan Abbasli
December 23, 2020
Your experiences are very succesfull. I like your reviews, because you just writing trusts. Go on your projects and writing revuews. I am waiting your updates for all of your reviews.
Alaaddin Turp
December 21, 2020
Hi, I read the review you wrote, and I think there will be a big stock market in the future, just like you, because I expect it to facilitate our transactions, especially if it combines intelligence with blockchain, which is open to development. I like your reviews, and I'll follow the others.