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Review on GCN Coin by Joseph Bello

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What you should do Know about GCN coin.

GCN coins has been in progress for very long period of time. The project has failed in so many ways like, developing a stronger blockchain with other crypto currency. It has fail in becoming a better fork of Litecoin

The coin has also not made a better inpact in it's trading volumes, this has brought the rise in fall of the mining and also lost a very huge amount of investors. The currency has also failed to increase in value and continually depreciating in the crypto market

The project has also been abandoned by many investors making the currency look fake and not a better way of invest
The price rate is still be$0.00, since the beginning of 2020. The project has been discouraging and has made me and other investors lost interest and withdraw our capital from the project.

GCN might have the chance of growing, but not advising any one to go for them, instead allow them to get to a certain standard and then we can start investing on GCN coin. My experience at the market of crypto has made me to understand that not all fork coins always end up to be a profitable Coin

The currency has no sign of working in some time because It social media channels has stop functioning, reducing the rate of people knowing or enlightening people about GCN coin. The currency has failed. But we hope to see it rise

  • Fast transaction
  • It's still a valid coin.
  • The project is abandoned
  • It has low trading volumes.