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Review on GoldenFever by serdar seyliyev

Does anyone know more about the project?

The launch of the project is to enable them to use the GoldenFever network and smart contracts to develop lotteries and games. However, the project seems unsuccessful from the beginning.

The project website is currently out of service, so it is closed. In addition, there has been no new share in social media accounts for a long time. However, my favorite part of the project was its own chain. I also did some research on the project, but unfortunately couldn't find the information about the developers.

I haven't seen this token, which is currently on the market under the name of GFR, on any stock exchange I used. In addition, the project and token appear to have been removed from the watch list in the CMC platform. So I could not find any platform or exchange to get information about the token's movements.

Unlike others, the main reason for the failure of the project is that the project has never had an ICO.

So, in short, the project could not provide enough features to users and I think it was removed from the market due to lack of support. Anyway it won't come back.

Pros & cons

  • The only positive thing is that it doesn't seem to cost users money.
  • the website is down.
  • There are no new posts on social media accounts.
  • I could not see the token in any stock exchange I used.
  • Removed from the CMC platform's watch list.