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IQ Cash is a platform designed for investors and traders.

Q CASH is a digital money platform operating in Singapore and London. There is an extraordinary prize in financial backers and dealers. The goal is to get the idea and contribution of the mysterious online retailer to the minds of many financial backers and traders like huge house mines. The smart level offers a high speed 150% for financial backers and brokers who buy 3000IQ and like masternode, the lion shares in all the fields that contribute will also pass to the masternode owners, the surplus nut has the same place with excavators as the cryptocurrencies of the money we know, many types of cryptocurrencies. there is a prize frame that you don’t know. IQ. the cash register project aims to transform the market and offer digital money working under a POW contract, where individuals with masternodes earn something like 3,000 IQ as a square prize and earn 57% automatic income. This tool makes the issue extremely appealing and promising for aficionados and financial backers. n In the last half year, this cash may have been the best digital currency, with an increase of 330% compared to its pre-growth value, although the cost is higher than the current cost. The highest cost in the last half year (in btc pairs) was 2140 Satoshi. I researched this cash and btc pair diagram (screenshot at the bottom of the questionnaire) day by day. ), as you can see, the price growth was done as elliott waves, and treatment began after or after the fifth hurricane ended. To be a cash IQ and to be a financial supporter you have to buy a 3,000 IQ with dynamic MasterNode costs and you will be an individual from a financial support club and will have the opportunity to take advantage of a 150% guaranteed normal edge every year. . It is undoubtedly attractive for its financial backers. MasterNode is an employee who hires about 1.43 euros and maintains 3,000 IQs. This amount is expected to contribute to the formation of a fast and reliable payment framework. IQcash innovations depend on the use of Master Nodes IQ called Master Node IQ, created with the help of customers to engage in crypto-source trading. From this point of view, in 43% of the area for excavators, 57% for dealers and for the DAO framework (decentralized autonomous organization) the award framework for customers with 3,000 IQs has been implemented, support, sites and daily framework additions. In most blockchain projects, miners regularly receive the most visible rewards from mining, but IQ Cash is refusing to allow financial backers to receive the bulk of the compensation to keep miners at the same time. .IQ Cash is the same for financial backers, excavators and brokers. Excavators and financial backers can exchange IQ prescriptions and IQ cash as the coin uses POW to dig the coin along with the half coin and number. Coins are traded with a large number of cryptocurrencies. Because of their origins, those who contributed to this work made good money. For a model, if you get half the money for IQ, you will actually make a profit. if the value of that cash has not changed at that time and its value has not been substantially lower than the income measure. In addition, it is easy to use with the straightforward reality of providing a great app to get started and running on the masternode. As shown in the venture calculations for $ 500, this is nothing more than a $ 50 annual income. This seems to me to be very good, because everything comparable to the owners of concentrators and excavators guarantees improvement. Project. The benefits of extraction are determined by the owners of the concentrators and excavators, who save significantly from each site to advance the issue.

Pros & cons

  • A large number of exchans allow the trading of this currency.
  • Masternode owners have taken the lion's share of finding the block.
  • At the moment, this is a declining trend and buying in this limited range should be a high risk.