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Realizing Good Returns With IQ Cash.

IQ Cash came into existence in May 2018, it was launched by Finexpo company for Traders Fair community. This company has been in existence since 2002 and has offices in Singapore and London it is also a reknown in the area of EdTech, Networking, Media, Online startup etc .The co founders are Andrey Barchenko and Shorena Jejeya who is the CEO. So, IQ has a good background.

In most of the blockchain projects, miners always take the highest share of the rewards that comes from mining, but IQ Cash deviate from this by allowing the investors to take the lion share of the rewards at same time not neglecting the miners.
IQ Cash is a platform for investors, miners and traders alike. The coin came with hybrid coin and token, since it uses POW to mine the coin, the miners and investors can trade IQ reciept and IQ cash mined within themselves. The coin is presently in many crypto exchanges with many more coming.
Since it's inception those that invested on the project has been getting good returns.

Any investors with 3000 IQ minimum can create a masternode by following the simple step outlined on their website, no need for any technical knowledge and sophisticated equipment but just computer and good internet connection 24/7, and monthly fee of 1.99 pounds, they promise to make this available on mobiles with time.
Investors get 57 percent reward, miners get 47 percent reward with a certain 6 percent set aside for DAO.

It hold it's ICO in August 2018, It has a premined token of 7.9M and the maximum that will ever exist is 56.9M. It will take 25 years before the mining will finish.
The communities of IQ Cash spread accross the countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Cyprus, Russia and many other countries.
In conclusion, the IQ project is a trusted project and any investor can invest with rest of mind.

Pros & cons

  • Favored investors over the miners in their way of distributing rewards.
  • It is backed by a strong team and company Finexpo.
  • Available in so many exchanges.
  • The masternode is made simple so that majority of people can participated invest, no technical knowledge required.
  • It has high speed when using it for transaction, just 5 seconds per transaction.
  • It is available for windows, Linux and Mac.
  • There is high level of anonymity because it uses privatesend algorithm.
  • Has good and large number of communities.
  • The masternode need good internet network, so investors from the area with poor network can not invest.
  • Though the project is good but the publicity is little.