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IQ price and chart analysis

(This review is about IQ currency price analysis and does not cover all the features of the IQ Cash project)
According to the chart, this currency was first traded on crex24 on August 19, 2018.
In the last 6 months, this currency has been one of the most successful cryptocurrencies, which has still grown by 330% compared to its pre-growth price, although the price went much higher than the current price. The highest price (in btc pair) in the last 6 months has been 2140 Satoshi.
I did an analysis in the daily chart of this currency and btc pair (the screenshot of which is at the bottom of the review), as you can see the price growth has been done in the form of elliot waves and after the completion of the fifth wave of price decline or the same correction begins Has been. Of course, it has not had a good reaction so far in the face of support, but in my opinion, in the next support, which is around 200 Satoshi, and the last important support, which is in the range of 110-110 Satoshi, there will be a good price increase. If this support is lost, I believe that hold IQ currency will be dangerous and the price may fall as low as 10-15 satoshi.
(In the chart below, the support lines are marked with a black line and the elliot waves are marked with red lines)

Pros & cons

  • It has grown tremendously in the medium term (past 6 months), and even after the fall, the current price is still higher than the pre-growth price.
  • A relatively large number of exchanges allow this currency to be traded
  • The telegram group for this project has 8200 members, which is a high number compared to their rank in coinmarketcap.
  • It is currently a downward trend and buying in this limited range should be high risk