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a platform that is more user-friendly than miners

Most of the cryptocurrencies that we know of, have a reward system that is not very friendly with private users. The iQ. cash project aims to revolutionize the market, and offers a cryptocurrency that operates under the POW consensus where the people who own the masternodes receive passive income of 57% by having at least 3000 IQ as a block reward. This mechanism makes the project very interesting and promising for enthusiasts and investors. privacy and speed in transactions are one of the advantages that Iq. cash offers for its users, who can trade the cryptocurrency IQ, in several reputable exchanges such as BitHumb Glogal, P2PB2B, CREX24 etc. It is also a highly scalable platform, since its transactions take just 5 seconds and are very safe and reliable because all data is encrypted to offer greater security thanks to the privatesend algorithm
Starting to generate income with this fantastic project is very simple, you just have to download the wallet on its platform, recharge it with at least 3000 IQ and let your investment work for you.

Iqcash represents a good synonym for decentralization, since most of the income and rewards are not only for miners as in other projects, but for users and investors, something that has undoubtedly made the project more and more known.

Pros & cons

  • Most of the rewards go to masternode owners and investors and not to miners as in most projects
  • The speed of transactions when using IQ is extremely fast
  • It uses high-level security algorithms, which encrypts all transaction data
  • Cryptocurrency IQ is available on various reputable exchanges such as bithumb global and p2pb2b
  • A very simple mobile wallet
  • They have a greater number of users every day and are very active in their social networks
  • their daily transaction volume continues to increase
  • The cryptocurrency still has a very low price in the market
  • You must have a dedicated IP address all day to generate passive income