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About Kcash

Kcash is a digital currency wallet that offers users a one-stop shop for storage, exchange and consumer services. Kcash supports BTC, ETH, ETC, ACT and digital currencies based on the Ethereum and Achain smart contract platforms, with subsequent support for more mainstream digital currencies.

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Secure storage and flexible transaction of digital assets.

It is essentially one of the cryptocurrency wallets that cognized the transactions and costs of cryptocurrencies in the real world and its main service providers are wallet applications and…See more

The kcash platform.

, hello everyone today I will be talking about this project and I will like to share more light on benefits of this kcash. The project is said to be a mobile wallet that provides a secure wallet and…See more

Kcash (KCASH)

This innovative project of Kcash (KCASH) is given by a novel virtual wallet of Kcash, which has a wide operation and works to multi-currency, likewise this wallet also is destined to offer refuge…See more