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Review on LGCY Network by José A Rodríguez

LGCY Network: A More Brilliant Age for Dapps

LGCY Network is not only a pretty name into the marketplace but also a purposeful and premium blockchain accelerating the process of decentralization for all. It contributes to providing a service of a prime category where velocity and flexibility are too abstract features to be considered in the entire functioning of their offers. It goes with the support of good protocol represented through the open-source marks to be one of the most useful in the market. Moreover, although this network acts in that way, it also wants to offer their service as a Dapp for the new innovations of the world.

There are two things that I liked a lot about the platform. One of them is the digital design it has. For some users, it might be simple but I consider that those minimalistic features it has, and the way is organized provides a complete view to find everything in good order. And the second thing is about their initiative, despite being no so innovative, it is good and certified as one of the most completed to this type of service. This could be, perhaps, because, in the beginning, it was a product supported by TRON, and in some way, it acquired many powerful features from it. However, this project works totally decentralized, today.

I consider that the velocity of this blockchain not only to process transactions but also to confirm is something brilliant. There is a good limit of transactions that can be confirmed just in seconds, this is something no as generalized as it seems. This can even place it as a scalable project without the recognition of the team, but from customers and developers who use the network. It offers a good list of services that can be administered for everything into the areas it works for. Even more, for this project is as active, the company released a great supply in the first moment that is now circulating freely and at the reach of every user.

I also like the fact that this company despite focus its services for Dapps, it counts with the great support if its community. I must say that the current community has is scattered around the world and making it more efficient for a bigger audience. However, when I talk about this community I am not referring to individuals, but a whole mass that is contributing to the growth of the project. Let's remember that this project is not directly linked to finances, but to a way of providing a more decentralized network for the future at all.

In conclusion, the LGCY Network is good for their task as I already made notice. It is a.project with great support from its company and it's a bigger community. The platform is committed to growing up even more, and for that reason, some of its features are not yet completed. The platform is about to release some interesting services for the coming future that certainly will benefit even more the protocols and ideas of its first stage.

Pros & cons

  • Great idea of development and support for Dapps as well as a completed process for being a decentralization provider.
  • It receives excellent support from a whole community out of the platform that is also committed to measure their steps and make it a more scalable.
  • It has a totally great design for the platform version. It is kind of minimalistic and organized.
  • Thanks to the supply it had, the project has a good economy to keep working and growing up.
  • It is a designed coming from the Tron blockchain, although it is not totally free of it.
  • Some of the features are yet to be assessed, while others are not released.
  • The token from this company has a low value out of the market that affects its margin of commercialism.