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Review on Litecoin by Ella Bruclin

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I think the project will always remain popular as it used to be.

Hello friends, in this review, I would like to talk to you about the Litecoin project. I was introduced to the project when I made a transfer to a friend with the first cryptocurrency. Actually, the purpose of the project looks really impressive. Because I can say that I was impressed by the fact that it serves with its own private chain and that the transactions are convenient. When the project was launched, the value of this cryptocurrency, which served under the name LTC, was very low. However, with the rise of BTC, the value of the LTC currency increased along with other cryptocurrencies. In fact, this cryptocurrency is currently at the top of the altcoins ranking. However, what I don't like is that the value of the token is very volatile. When I invested in this token in the past days, I can say that I lost a little bit of my investments because the value of the token suddenly dropped. Of course, this problem is not just me. Many investors have experienced such a loss of money. However, the feature that makes it dependent on this project is that as I mentioned above, the fees are very low and suitable for each investor. However, it is very annoying that the transfers take place, that is, to put it more precisely, the miner approval takes place too late. Sometimes, when I make an urgent money transfer, encountering such problems affects me negatively. Overall, the project has millions of users around the world and is one of the most popular altcoins. My advice to all users is to invest in it. You can also benefit from investment and crypto money calculation tools through the website.

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  • rising in value
  • transaction fees fit any budget
  • ranks high in popularity
  • Daily trading volume remains high
  • P2P transfers happen too late

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