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Review on Lucky Block Network by SERDAR SEYLİYEV

Absolutely do not invest.

When the Lucky Network project was launched, it managed to reach a really good audience. However, after a while, there was no news from the project and I thought it was abandoned.
However, towards the end of last year, the airdrop was organized with a novelty, but the winners of this airdrop were not announced. In addition, users have made many complaints about not getting the reward. At that time, the price of the token was on the rise and it was listed on only one exchange. I think the purpose of this is to make you think that the project has come back to life and they wanted to disappear by investing in users. However, I am happy that such a situation did not occur.
I visited the website to get more detailed information about the project, but the website is not accessible.
NOTE: People who say that the project still provides services are often on social media, I recommend you not to respect them. If you deposit money with confidence, you may not be able to withdraw your money. You can check the stock market to see if this is true, and currently the token has no trading volume. In short, stay away please.

Pros & cons

  • When it was first released, it reached a very user base.
  • no.
  • The website is not accessible.
  • fraud.
  • fake airdrops were created.
  • it is still possible to see it on the stock market.