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Review on Lukki Operating Token by Mercy Godwin

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Lukki Operating Token LOT is not a project I'll advise anyone to invest in.

Most often as we strive to make the best out of what we do by trading cryptocurrencies, even as it assures us of financial freedom, there are also many things we should take note of because these things are always likely to happen and even always happen and may continue to happen. There have been a lot of complications in the crypto world today and many people tends to develop fake cryptocurrency exchanges and tokens just only for them to make a hell out of it overnight. So, you really have to be careful of the kind of Exchanges and cryptocurrency projects you tend to invest in. Without wasting much of our time, I would like to be discussing about one cryptocurrency token you should really be careful of because of the suspicions I personally have towards it and that cryptocurrency token is the Lukki Operating Token LOT.

As it happens to be, I got to know about this cryptocurrency project from this powerful Blockchain reviewing platform, Revain, and from the informations I gathered from other reviewers, I decided to get a view of it myself to see what these writers were trying to explain about it and for sure, when I checked, I saw it was all through though my own researches about it triggered to my quick understanding of the project. After all that I have seen and heard about this cryptocurrency project, Lukki Operating Token LOT, I do not advise anyone to go for it even if it still seems to be traded because it might actually be a trap or even at that from what I will be discussing with you on this review, I do not think you find any reason to trade it or even invest in it.

On my researches about Lukki Operating Token LOT, I got to discover that it is the native cryptocurrency token of the Lukki Exchange platform which has been having a lot of malfunction in its system as there have been a lot of complains from many of its user and that was the first reason that gave the impression I am having about it. To give a broader introduction about this project, Lukki Operating Token LOT was established for the reason of allowing it's potential users to be allowed to use its so called expanded services with the help of its token Lukki Operating Token LOT.

However even if this token was to be traded, it is only available on one known cryptocurrency exchange, which is on STEX and the only available pair of the token is with Bitcoin BTC and nothing else. It is only available on one Exchange and Even as such, there are no enough convincing information about its trading activities. Another thing I got to know about is that, Lukki Operating Token LOT, is not supported by Coinbase and that concluded my research work on it.

In conclusion, I do not recommend this cryptocurrency project, Lukki Operating Token and traders should beware of this project because I kind of suspect its operations and also its platform.

  • None at all.
  • It doesn't seem to have a good development team.
  • It is not available on many cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • It is not a very popular cryptocurrency token.
  • It doesn't seem to be a reliable project to me.