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Energi: a chain of blocks that combines treasury and masternodes as the main engine

One of the most outstanding aspects that Energi offers is its self-financing due to the combination of Treasury functions in coordination with masternodes.

Energi appeared on the market on September 18, 2018. It is a chain of blocks that was created in order to generalize the use of cryptocurrencies to the masses; for universal adoption. To achieve this goal, the developers of this project designed a robust Treasury system and the use of Masternodes.

Energi's Treasury is fully decentralized and its operation is based on rewarding taxpayers based on the growth of the platform to achieve greater collaboration and growth of the network.

On the other hand, Masternodes are responsible for selecting the options where to invest the funds. In this way, the Energi operating cycle is carried out with a view to distributing and reinvesting the funds in optimizing the ecosystem and its members.

The requirements for Masternodes are 1000NRG and for bets 1 NRG.

. What can we highlight about your native currency?

NRG is the acronym for Energi cryptocurrency. Its launch did not have an ICO nor was there a pre-mining.

It is a cryptocurrency that manages to integrate smart contracts, decentralized consensus and an autonomous Treasury system, which does not require financing.

The generation time of a block is 1 minute. It has a cycle of 14 days. The monthly production is approximately 1 million Energi which are distributed as follows: 40% for treasury, 40% masternodes, 10% POS and 10% for the Energi Backbone.

There is no maximum limit established for the issuance of coins since the Treasury and Masternodes work in a synchronized way and constitute the engine of the cryptocurrency.

Regarding mining, the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is used.

What are the wallets compatible with Energi?

Users can use MyEnergiWallet and Node Energi Core to store their MRG cryptocurrencies.

As for exchange services compatible with Energi's cryptocurrency, we can cite some of the 12 so far that support it: HOTBIT, Kucoin, Citex, INDODAX, COINALL, WHITEBITC, CHANGELLY, DIGIFINEX, MARKETX, BITHUMB, BITBNS.

Pros & cons

  • It is a self-financed platform.
  • It points towards a reinvestment of its returns for the optimal growth of the project platform and ecosystem.
  • Make a balanced distribution of funds.
  • It only supports the use of two wallets at the moment.