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Review on MedicCoin by Eunice Olagbadun

I am quite skeptical about this project.

Among the many medical related crypto project I have seen and reviewed, I don't see why mediccoin shouldn't be regarded as one. It's features in the course of my review does make the project appears medical centric. I agree that many people when making their donations don't want their identities, or should I rather say, wallets, to released to the public and that is why it's Privatesend feature is made available, and this is one feature of this project. It protect the anonymity of the user or sender. Also the transactions fees are low, but that's just an added advantage generally.

It's view on the Medical field though baffles me. Many reasons why we use blockchain technology for medicine would probably center around information gathering for research purposes but mediccoin describes itself as a platform for medical philanthropy. They claim to be affiliated with some non-profit organization which they didn't display (probably due to anonymity) but with such information hidden, how can one believe them.

The project has its own wallet which is very unprofessional. Very bad UI. Inthe time of compiling my review, i saw that there is a reward section for users who try to keep fit by running. On the mobile application, I searched with no success in finding this feature it's boasts of. I don't really know why but I don't have a nick of trust in this project in what it offers

Pros & cons

  • Mediccoin makes the use of it's token to make payments to doctors during consultation
  • The blockchain technology used for he creation of this project permits privacy of users through it's coin mixing
  • The speed of a transaction on Mediccoin is high. The transaction cost is very low
  • There is a low number of exchanges currently trading the coin
  • Many of its features like the fitness rewards doesn't work