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Review on Melecoin by José A Rodríguez

Providing Services for a Wide set of Fields in the Blockchain World

MeleCoin is a very big project that centres its services on providing options for buying and selling goods with high levels of safety. It has a web platform equally big that offers all the service features and sections of the company. It evens illustrates in a clear view of how the main sections of its work. Through the market connection, the company expects to keep growing and set different channels where trading and selling can become a more efficient task.

This project has informative content, including those based on finances. In some way, the company wants to start these tasks by offering users the chance of acquiring their coin which has an accessible and possibly stable price. It also has their smart contract address which is at the reach of anybody. This project is focused on banking channels and total immersion of e-commerce. With those options, many services can already enjoy their offers because it can be adapted for the first services of a blockchain like a velocity in transactions, to the most internal like mining services.

The way in which the company established its open protocol also highlights the services as if it were a roadmap of great success. The truth is that it is really that way because their many processes already completed, and a good list of outcomes reached.

Out of the services it offers, this project is not only committed to be a motor for selling and shops of goods and other services but it also has channels for games, tourism, and even the most important blockchain technology. Most of the users can think in this as an advantage, but this is something that should be treated with special caution since all the service it provides must support totally those areas to not become inexperienced fields. In my opinion, this company should focus their strategy in just one of those fields to be more scalable. If all the power is directed to a special area, from a strategical point, then it will be great and more trusted by other projects.

Something I dislike of this company is that the team is not very cooperative, and wants the expansion just for their project despite all the support they receive from other networks. It means, the company serves many objectives but they want to reach the more important, and this is just for their inner benefits.

To conclude with it, MeleCoin is a blockchain project with great purposes and open receptivity among its services. I cannot lie, it is even impressive for the support and advanced of what a company can do in this age of wide commerce, but I still consider the company should decide for going just with the support of a special service instead of all the field it tries to cover. Many of them still require development and management and are being taken away from being the opportunity of other projects.

Pros & cons

  • A project with a very high list of services to offer support and help them to advanced through the main areas of banking, e-commerce, and open finances.
  • It has different payment options for buying good that includes the ones established in cryptos as well as common bank transfers, and the use of debit and credit cards.
  • The platform is very attractive even with the huge mass of information posted on it to highlight all that the company can do.
  • It has an illustrative model of their profile that offers also complete guidance through the blockchain areas in which it works.
  • Active Roadmap with great plans for the coming years. Most of the goals established for this current years have been reached.
  • It has availability for buying goods with different tokens, but its support comes from the Ethereum network. The token offered by the company is an ERC-20 one.
  • With the support it has for games, it can improve the current status of many of them that present a lack of management.
  • It offers support for many different fields into the blockchain world and real areas that are not totally experienced.
  • The supply of this project cannot really cover the entire support they expect to offer because in some way it can reduce scalability.
  • It stops the production of other projects. The company believes in its own cause and expects a single growth.