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About Melecoin

MELECOIN is described to be a blockchain technology specialist in banking, investment and e-commerce. The project aims to solve the problems of electronic commerce, banking services and smart investments, and expand the scope to the largest possible slice in creating a centralized and decentralized business environment to create a bridge of electronic transactions and traditional transactions, documenting the currency as an alternative source, and establishing projects linked to the blockchain.

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Decentralized platform focused on financial services.

It is planned as a decentralized platform for financial services, since its entire ecosystem is under development but in theory it will have a payment gateway, exchange service and settlement of funds in real time using blockchain. Now only…See full review

Blockchaim innovation pointed toward improving web based business and banking.

Great venture that puts Blockchain innovation at the help of electronic business, banking and everything identified with speculations. Its goal is to take care of the issues or works that at present emerge when electronic business communicates with…See full review

GOLD-backed token

Today's most popular cryptocurrencies in the market maintain a price in constant volatility according to the supply and demand of the buyers and sellers of the market, but some may be immune to said movement according to the financial support that…See full review

Melecoin MELE: Blockchaim technology aimed at improving e-commerce and banking.

Good project that puts Blockchain technology at the service of electronic commerce, banking and everything related to investments. Its objective is to solve the problems or works that currently arise when electronic commerce interacts with…See full review

Melecoin, an ambitious project aimed at offering a token backed by a precious mineral such as gold.

Melecoin is another of the projects that, based on blockchain technology, aims to offer users a variety of services related to electronic commerce, banking and investments. One of the aspects that undoubtedly differentiates Melecoin from the rest…See full review

Multiple utilities

The MELECOIN project aims to establish initiatives in different fields of decentralization, such as the selling of merchandise and the distribution of utilities, the gaming industry, the travel sector and other fields related to decentralized…See full review

MELECOIN: Exploiting the stability of Gold as its foundation

MELECOIN (MELECOIN Token System) is a UAE fintech corporation. It is a blockchain technology that specialises in e-commerce, banking, and investments. Their main forte is dealing e-currency, which can provide solutions in the area of e-commerce…See full review

Providing Services for a Wide set of Fields in the Blockchain World

MeleCoin is a very big project that centres its services on providing options for buying and selling goods with high levels of safety. It has a web platform equally big that offers all the service features and sections of the company. It evens…See full review

It is a project in development, but in the future it could be the most used.

Melecoin is a company based on the services of electronic exchanges, banking platform, real estate, entertainment (GAMES), mining platform, loyalty platform. It is a great platform with various uses, very interesting and entertaining, melecoin…See full review


MELECOIN is a fintech corporation specializes in banking, investment and electronic commerce. It offers services as real state platform, game platform and mining platform too. MELECOIN team has developed a Gold CryptoDebt Card concept, combining…See full review