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Review on Melecoin by francis fernandez

MeleCoin: a comprehensive platform for electronic commerce and conventional banking!

MeleCoin is a digital platform that specializes in financial banking, investment and virtual trading products. This project aims to be the point of convergence for centralized and decentralized commerce organizations, which are looking for a digital tool that solves all the inconveniences of traditional banking and electronic commerce; allowing to provide financial products and services in a fast, reliable and secure way based on blockchain technology.

In its process of integration of financial entities of the digital market and banking entities; MeleCoin has achieved important alliances with large trading organizations; managing to become a Fintech Consortium with an international trajectory.

One of its most important achievements is the creation of the project called MELECOIN "Gold-CryptoDebt Card" supported with 99.9% physical gold LBMA Bullion plus the blockchain token and a virtual debit card.

This platform has many projects to develop yet and it has all the possibilities to achieve it thanks to the support of both digital commerce companies and centralized organizations that are committed to the future of this great digital business network.

There are many functions that converge on the MeleCoin platform. Among them we can mention:

* Your currency can be traded on various platforms through smart devices or by making use of the web.

* The platform has its own wallet called MeleWallet.

* Offers its shareholders a VISA MeleCoin debit card in the native currency, backed by gold or plastic reserves.

* They offer Mastercard consortium cards and cards for use at ATMs in fiat currencies.

* It can be used as a payment currency with important cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Visa card, Mastercard card, Paypal and electronic transfers.

The developers of the MeleCoin platform have an extensive list of major projects in three important sectors:

1-Real estate sector

2-Banking sector

3-Electronic commerce.

Its mission is to integrate blockchain technology to the most critical sectors of the financial market.

Pros & cons

  • The website of the application has an attractive and modern visual design and a wide and easily accessible menu.
  • This network allows bringing together centralized and decentralized entities under the same platform.
  • It is a tool to solve the problems of electronic commerce and those of conventional banking.
  • It allows its users to choose the best option when making an investment or selecting a financial service either through digital banking or traditional banking.
  • It is a digital currency that cannot be mined.
  • The maximum amount of its issuance is barely 100 million and there is still none in circulation.