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Review on PRIZM by Francisco Varela


Prizm is a non-custodial device that performs equally efficiently as a web client, a desktop application and a mobile wallet. It's compatible with gadgets on Apple, Windows or Android OS. Its killer feature is its paramining passive income program. In the rating, it is described by the authors of U. Today as a "one-size-fits-all" solution.

It is especially praised for its attractive interface and an impressive security toolkit: Face ID, Touch ID, seed phrases. Its users can make transfers via QR-codes and create several accounts in just one click.

PRIZM's goal is to take first place, on the global pedestal of the cryptocurrency market, and become a national payment system without borders and control. PRIZM was created as a FAMILY cryptocurrency, with the simplest blockchain available for each person. And each person is the issuer of new PRIZM coins based solely on their personal qualities and the energy they spent on developing their follower structure, this is a fair seigniorage available to all who want to mine PRIZM.The PRIZM API allows interaction with PRIZM nodes using HTTP requests to port 9976. Most HTTP requests can use the GET or POST methods, but some API calls accept only the POST method for security reasons. Responses are returned as JSON objects. The PRIZM system has a PRIZM currency used to quantify the value in the system. Like all currencies, PRIZM circulates in the system, passing from one user to another through payments and purchases. Additionally, a small fee is required for each transaction, including those where PRIZM is not transferred, such as simple messages. This fee is applied to the owner of the node that falsifies (generates) the new block that contains the transaction that is accepted in the blockchain.

Internally, the coin is still stored as integers in NQT units, where 1 PRIZM = 100 NQT. All parameters and fields in the API that involve a quantity of PRIZM are named in NQT units, for example feeNQT. The only exception is the effectiveBalancePrizm field, used in counterfeit calculations.

The PRIZM system can be considered as an asset owned by everyone who owns PRIZM. In this sense, PRIZM quantifies ownership or participation in the system. Interested parties have the right to forge blocks and charge transaction fees in proportion to the amount of PRIZM they own.

Pros & cons

  • UToday global media organization compiled a rating of Top 20 cryptocurrency wallets for 2020. Prizm wallet was ranked the 5th, succumbing only to such renowned brands as Blockchain, Coinbase, Opera and Vexel. The positions from 6 to 10 are occupied by such wallets as Guarda, Ledger Nano X, Trezor Model T, Trezor One, and Ledger Nano S.
  • PRIZM is a decentralized payment system.
  • Currencies will always be exclusively under your control, and no one will be able to use them to manipulate the exchange rate, capitalizing on your credulity.
  • They do not belong to structures, bots, pools, etc.
  • All projects created based on Prizm are not cryptocurrency related.
  • In Prizm there is not and there will be no technical support.
  • Cost to get information from the official page, was practically nil, the link on the website threw a link infected with viruses.