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Review on PYRO Network (TRON) by serdar seyliyev

You've probably encountered more tokens in the Games world.

There are games in the blockhain world that win crypto rewards. The tokens given by these games have very different features. PYRO Network is doing its job in the meantime.

When I visited the website, I came across very complex and confusing articles and features. But his features seemed too few to count. For this reason, I recommend you to be more careful while making transactions.

Also, I think it is mostly used for TRON network while using the project. Because when I looked at this ETH network, I realized that transactions are faster and transaction fees are lower.

However, the tokens of this project do not see many loops at the moment. I think the main reason for this is the very low value of the Project's own token.

In spite of all this, I do not think there will be any problems in terms of security since the project is supported by ETH and TRON network.

Even though PYRO Network has been released for the game, the ads seem to be making a lot of money. Because you can see that there are many ads in it.

There may be some tensions and freezes when logging into the website of the project. You probably need a strong internet network to use the project.

Although the project has many features in itself, it is still not popular because I think a little more development and more features should be brought.

Pros & cons

  • Traded with TRON and ETH.
  • I have no concerns about security.
  • Developers make a lot of money thanks to the many ad offers
  • I like the design of the website.
  • it can be confusing.
  • its features are very few compared to others.
  • the coin has a very low value.
  • There is not much user base.
  • There are no updates or developments regarding recent times