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Review on XRP by Wisdom BOATENG

XRP - An international payment solution

XRP is the cryptocurrency of Ripple. Its goal is to provide fast, secure and low-cost international payment solutions to businesses and individuals. XRP is a very ambitious project, with well-established development prospects.

Personally I sold all my parts and stop supporting this currency. Despite its strong market capitalization and its place in the top 5 of crypto, it is one of the worst performing cryptocurrencies on the market. I suspect a constantly manipulated course, XRP's management committee holds a significant amount of XRP.

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The complaint of the US stock market constable causes the collapse of XRP, gradually suspended on major exchanges such as coinbase, crypto dot com, etc. Accusations of centralization have hung over Ripple for a long time. Its blockchain is criticized for having no capped output and for facilitating pre-mining. 20% of XRP's tokens went to these founders.

This situation could have serious consequences for the future of the company too often associated with a centralized blockchain. This complaint could further tarnish the reputation of the company and cause its price to dip further in the market.

Pros & cons

  • A bank-focused cryptocurrency
  • Many international partnerships such as Western Union, MoneyGram etc ...
  • A strong market capitalization, A high liquidation, listed on most world exchange
  • A currency constantly manipulated
  • The price of xrp is struggling to take off like most of the other crypto despite its potential
January 13, 2021
XRP has never been a crypto for me because the XRP blockchain flouts the fundamentals of blockchain. Transactions within the XRP blockchain are censurable. The project has a huge suopply total that I am unable to explain. The founders hold a very large part of the tokens, one of the co-founders of the project left the ship, I constantly suspect a manipulation of the token price