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Review on Sentivate by Robiul Islam

Sentivate The universal web.

Sentivate is tackling a real and vigorous problem. A successful implementation of the UDSP will truly benefit the entire human race. Activate the well-known features and drawbacks of both central and decentralized Internet architecture, and try to combine the components of both systems into one hybrid blockchain.

Technological Problem HTTP & DNS.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), our foundation Data Communication and Domain Name System (DNS) for the World Wide Web, a networking support protocol that primarily translates domain names into numerical IP addresses, was created long ago in Web History. When these protocols where developed, today’s and modern demands for the web could hardly have been accounted for. Sentivate sees DNS & HTTP inherently broken, they have poor scalability, are dreadfully slow, lack modern features, eat up bandwidth, and cost consumers & businesses billions.

Problem Decentralized Web.

While the current centralized internet infrastructure wont’t be able to cope with the upcoming challenges in the near future, Sentivate is also opposes a completely decentralized web (Web 3.0) as suggested by many blockchain enthusiasts. Sentivate believes that a solely decentralized web would accelerate the bandwidth crisis since trades are happening in nanoseconds and our economy would collapse if seconds or minutes were required for verification and broadcasting of trades.

Sentivate’s solution.

Sentivate seeks to replace our existing Internet architecture with a completely new protocol with a completely new protocol - Universal Data Stream Protocol (UDSP) will ensure UDSP high-throughput, low-throughput and high reliability, thus making this Protocol l available for required service. An economy where machine-to-machine joins Internet of Things and Things The packet is specially designed for easy digestion and fast consumption. UDSP is the norm for low-latency high-throughput communication as it encompasses computing and parallel computing environments that require dynamic changes to the protocol.

Sentivate Team.

I didn't find much information about the team, LinkedIn profile has incomplete or unprofessional set up. Sentivate was founded by a developer, a finance major and a navy SEAL.

If Sentivate will be able to deliver on its promises and will design rational economics for VIAT, investors should eventually be rewarded with significant returns.

Pros & cons

  • Replacing the current key elements of the Internet as HTTP and DNS.
  • Hybrid Apps (hApps) combines traditional functional applications and the benefits of DAPS.
  • Development of own browser with enhanced web experience.
  • New certificate system would make passwords obsolete.
  • If Santivate succeeds, it will save companies billions of dollars worldwide. However, it is unclear whether this huge value creation can translate into a utility for VIAT tokens as the current internet infrastructure is not able to monetize their value creation.