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Review on SocialGood by Jesmin Akter

My personal overview about SocialGood.

It is a cryptocurrency initiative that aims at being able, for huge markets and small customers, to collect payments, to issue money and to ensure free mobility. It has an extensive community that acts 24 hours a day, and one of its principal goals, since the currency is to reach many places quickly and safely, and its market characteristics are socially optimized to achieve full harmony with the users who use it, their long term growth is guaranteed for each commercial asset operation and movement.

Fundamentally, when you buy an app exchange for the SG token, you earn points. You only obtain a refund by making a transaction, Use Artificial and blokchain intelligence. Donation mechanisms are provided for certified charities. The key project member has a demonstrated Japanese experience. They have registered and authorised patents according to government statistics.

Overall this is an excellent example of blockchain integration with traditional market, and AI is also utilized to manage and generate a database for the whole ecosystem. There are patents and integrations, there is also a solid framework supporting this asset.

Pros & cons

  • All relevant documentation is completed and expanded, better safety and trust is obtained.
  • As a currency, its price is great.
  • It has integration with several well-known businesses.
  • You are only paid for shopping using this app at your favorite retailers.
  • It is not accessible in every country.
  • It is for the iPhone only.