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Review on SocialGood by Jorge Hernández

How about getting cryptocurrencies for your purchases?

We are in the era of e-commerce and this borderless commerce mechanism has been accelerated due to the implementation of blockchain technology.
Blockchain has promoted the digitization of the daily activities of individuals worldwide, through the tokenization of real assets relying on resources such as AI. We can demonstrate this with the creation of the SocialGood platform.
SocialGood is a non-custodial digital commerce network that promotes the general adoption of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment to purchase goods and services in affiliated virtual stores; guaranteeing members of the platform free rewards in the native SG currency for contributing to the ecosystem.
SocialGood's mission is to consolidate a network that includes businesses, individuals and society in general, under a single infrastructure connected by the platform's cryptocurrency: SG. In such a way, that all members of the ecosystem obtain equitable and fair benefits in a transparent way.
To achieve the connection between the different sectors of the economy and society; SocialGood uses virtual payment mechanisms, cryptocurrency reward systems and donation incentives that allow to contribute to social well-being through integration with popular social platforms, promoting good actions within the great masses.
In this sense, many connected sectors contribute from various applications to contribute a grain of sand to many problems that attack the world population.
The SocialGood network supports payment methods that promote incorporation into its ecosystem, either through the use of digital assets or payment gateways that accept credit cards as well as crypto assets.

Pros & cons

  • Allows you to obtain free rewards in digital assets for purchases in affiliated virtual stores
  • Offers a system of rewards in cryptocurrencies for the use of credit cards and mobile payment applications
  • Offers exchange price guarantee on FIAT
  • It allows to generate assets with zero cost
  • No disadvantages