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Review on SocialGood by Ernesto Palma

SocialGood (SG): is a crypto-currency project focused on being able to.

SocialGood (SG): is a crypto-currency project focused on being able to receive payments, issue money and guarantee movements for free, for large markets and small consumers. It has a large community that interacts 24 hours a day; one of its main objectives as a currency is to reach many places quickly and safely, Its market characteristics are socially optimized to achieve complete harmony with the users that use it, its growth as a currency is guaranteed in the long term each operation and movement of commercial assets, its market platform is complete and has the help of (AI) or artificial intelligence supported with thanks to the Blockchain in all the movements of the blocks and intelligent contracts.

Pros & cons

  • It has complete and extended information of all the work equipment, achieved greater security and confidence.
  • Its capitalization is currently unknown, but has a record of daily volumes of 13 thousand dollars.
  • Its value as a currency is high, achieving a value of 4.2 dollars.
  • The currency can be bought in 3 different markets and with only 1 USDT exchange.
  • It does not have support in mobile applications at the moment, they may develop one in the future.