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Review on SONDER by Nick Kasilowski

A lot of projects tried to do the same as Sonder, but just a little % of them…

A lot of projects tried to do the same as Sonder, but just a little % of them managed to reach success. I hope, you will make your best to give us really qualified and secure payment system!
Sonder would become the fully open payment network using by electronic money transfer systems online stores and paying bills services. The common value of these markets is estimated as several billions of dollars. The sellers will be able to choose any cryptocurrency to receive payments. In the future possibility to operate with fiatmoney will be added.

Pros & cons

  • zero transactions commissions, the highest level of protection, including biometric technology, instantaneous transaction speed. those who had to pay with cryptocurrencies understand that these are the most important advantages In General, after reading more about the project, I am surprised that the project really has a great team, a strong hat and prospects in the future, I think you just need to grow
  • I think that having representatives of the goverment and a big company like Barclays is good enough for the project. Sonder is simple, uses transparent and fast technologies. here we can see unique solutions in terms of improvement and adaptation of operational algorithms. as a result – there will be fast transactions and zero commissions