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DarkPayCoin is a privacy focused MN/PoS coin, iteratively improved with the most advanced technological features.

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Like so many other cryptocurrency projects today SONDER was created and developed to solve some of the major problems facing most cryptocurrency platforms and projects today. These problems are a barrier to the full integration of blockchain...See full review

An enterprise that needs to be effective is going to be frustrated

According to account accounts, it is integrated with the blockchain world to control and control energy consumption using small computers in a short period of time. Likewise, when it comes to the current venture capital brand, it has come to...See full review

SONDER was not in good condition after a while, and it was wise to stay away.

Like other digital currency projects, SONDER has now been created and is designed to take care of some of the serious issues that are currently plaguing many cryptocurrencies and businesses. These issues are hampering the integration of blockchain...See full review

SONDER: The task is the most reasonable spot for work, games and exceptional cordiality.

This is extremely powerless. There is right now no work plan for the venture and no work plan has been found. Perhaps this is on the grounds that the undertaking is shut. You look open and adaptable when you go to a site, particularly in the event...See full review

The project is the most suitable place for work, games and special hospitality.

This is a very weak situation. There is currently no work plan for the project and no work plan has been found. Maybe it’s because the project is closed. You look open and flexible when you go to a website, especially if you can access your account...See full review

This is a revolution.

In my opinion, the project started its own transaction. Also, the project really covered a lot of people. SONDER is a cryptocurrency, the main goals of this project are to make users active, this is normal. I think the project has started to lose...See full review

The project that should have been successful is heading towards failure

Sonder aims to harmoniously integrate technologies created with blockchain technology into the e-commerce market. The obstacles to this goal are inefficient operations, low speed operations, and high operating principles. The design of the websites...See full review

An unrecommendable place for comfort.

Sonder is a company that claims to provide the best comfort zone for work, play and for private stay. With headquarters located at San Francisco, California and in the UNITED STATES, It was created by John Koenig, in the early 2012. It's a modern...See full review

SONDER has not been in a good state after some time, it's advisable to stay off.

sonder was a platform that was organized to eliminate weak transactions and encourage Manny other users to use their platform because they offer great service and good transactions and provided a good user interface. All changed recently after...See full review

My Review on sonder

sonder was developed to overcome Manny Barriers to full integration of blockchain technology into e-commerce market to solve problems related to slow transactions and transaction fees. They have created Manny technical decisions that will help in...See full review