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Review on Storeum by gregori cordova

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All aspects of a scam and which is still looking for investors

In the cryptocurrency market, there are many characteristics that make a Project a potential scam. Exaggerated earnings promises in a short time, not being listed on famous exchanges, not having a well established white paper, or simply not having the support of a large investment community. One of those projects is Storeum, a decentralized platform where everyone is allowed to buy and sell products and services for cryptocurrencies on a large scale, focusing on the absence of fees, all this with the help of a reliable, stable and tax-exempt cryptocurrency.
Its STO cryptocurrency would be of limited supply and would host safer transactions in an ecosystem that allows token holders to have full control of their finances. It promised to be an all-in-one platform in which great opportunities would be offered for freelancers, family businesses, small manufacturers, etc., and in which tools and a high range of functions would be provided to create online stores for minimal fees.
However storeum shows all the characteristics of a scam. It is enough to just check their website to alienate investors, since when looking for who are the creators of this project, the links that take you to their supposed LinkedIn profiles are broken and there is no technical documentation on the platform. There is also no information on where the company is located, but there is something curious, and that is that they are very active on twitter and other social networks, promoting the project through publications that anyone known in the area can know what they are trying to achieve. more investors lying and bragging. In that social network Storeum is making projections of prices of $ 100 for its currency, something that is impossible to know and normally this type of projects that guarantee extravagant profits do not end well for its investors. it is clear that they are inflating data and looking at all costs, to scam inexperienced investors, who can easily be attracted by these projections.

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  • any positive aspect
  • They are not listed in any famous Exchange, only in 2 very small ones (Vindax and Stex) that are characterized by listing scam projects , and actually after doing many advertisements with vindax, and after many saved their coins there the exchange became a scam
  • An alarming fact is that they use false profiles, to place positive comments on their publications, and thus attract more people
  • They made projections of $ 100 for their currency and today it is worth nothing
  • It is not known who are its creators
  • Its website does not make anything clear about the project
  • There is no whitepaper with data on how they intend to achieve all their ambitious promises
  • In their twitter account they continue to make supposed promotions in which they never put who the winners are