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Review on Substratum by José A Rodríguez

Substratum: Freedom for the Internet Coming from a More Scalable Project

Blockchain projects concern a lot with finances, economic, and e-commerce, but today more than ever, new implementations have come to light by providing a new age for the way people around the world use the internet. It is, undoubtedly, a necessary fact that requires all the possible attention because through it if where all users execute their works.

Substratum is a blockchain that provides those sort of services with good and dedicated support. This is a company working as a decentralized, open-source project that wants to provide the same features for the overall internet, but part of this development depends on how people use it. In their beginning, it was a company with a common low price for its coin, and although it still has a low volume in the market, many users are working with their products with more dedication. Through computing facts, the company shows not only technical support but also an institutional value that serves a lot to learn of it.

The best thing about this blockchain project is that despite all competition existing outside the marketplace with similar projects, it focuses on rewarding its users for running its nodes. Clearly, all the information is included in their platform, but from my point of view, I consider important to add that having direct access to the protocol development that compounds the page accelerates the process of benefiting everything around that digital ecosystem. I consider that having at least a good part of the Substratum tokens to manage is good for the growth and rapid acquisition of it in a more global space. These tokens are highly given by joining to the task of running nodes for the inner protocols. This is a task in which everyone can join and work with.

Substratum, as a decentralized project, really believes in protecting user's privacy and keeping them away from tedious processes to manage data in the entire network. Although there exist programs created to serve that task like the Tor network, they can be not always as private as they seen, and for that reason, this blockchain runs freely and without alterations of any type. On the other hand, Substratum possesses the colour red that represents digital networks. In a literal sense, it is a colour that compounds every action of the services the company offers.

In conclusion, the Substratum blockchain is a project that might catch the interest of everyone including common users learning of the process to advanced developers that want to grow their finances at the same time their experience conquers new levels in the digital world. Managing protection and freedom for the internet will be always the greatest option available to invest. Of course, there is much to consider but this company is a legit project becoming scalable.

Pros & cons

  • The project comes from a professional company committed with the acceleration of a decentralized internet for everyone by boosting essential services that contribute to its functioning.
  • It is a digital platform ideal for many developers interested directly on the internet and web fields.
  • It possesses a great idea that contributes to the fact of being a decentralized, open-source Blockchain project.
  • Rewards and incomes are given by simple tasks. Most of them come directly from the nodes running that is available with great activity.
  • Freedom for the internet is now a word turned into a fact that is providing outcomes for thousand of users everywhere.
  • It is still low in volume due to the decreasing acquisition it has had for its token, and the slow running in many external networks.
  • Many of the services are yet to go beyond of what they really offer because until now they are just options full of objectives but anything is done.
  • Despite the good picture users have of the digital design, the platform still requires a certain kind of improvement.