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Review on Swarm City by Nikolay Sadonin

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My review and price analysis about Swarm City.

Swarm City's functionality, apart from its token, is the company's main offering. Throughout the network, the token will be accepted as a payment mechanism by users. The greater the number of individuals who utilize the network, the greater the value of the token. The platform, in contrast to existing decentralized commerce systems that maintain a database of goods, includes a communication-based system for service providers and customers in order for transactions to take place.

The present e-commerce systems have made significant contributions to closing the transparency gap between buyers and sellers by providing a virtual marketplace that validates the identities of each participant. However, the systems described above are based on a centralized system and are controlled by a single person. This creates a slew of difficulties for society.

Swarm City addresses these issues by establishing a communication-based decentralized platform that does not need the involvement of a third party. Swarm City, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, accepts payments via a variety of methods using the SWT token. One of the main goals of Swarm City is to decentralize trade by eliminating intermediaries and ensuring that the process is completely trustworthy.

Even Swarm City cannot interfere in a transaction since the underlying technology is built on Smart Contracts, which implies that even Swarm City cannot intervene in a transaction. When two parties communicate via the Swarm City interface, they will do so using hashtags. A Hashtag is a smart contract created by MiniMe. Any resident or user of the Swarm City may generate a hashtag by simply entering it into the web interface of the Swarm City platform. To book a taxi, for example, a user may simply post a request on the website, and a responder will come back to the request with either a counteroffer or an acceptance of the offer. As soon as both sides agree to the terms of the offer, the funds are frozen to ensure that both the supplier and the customer comply with the request. If one of the parties fails to adhere to the terms of the agreement, it may harm their reputation on the Swarm City network, which will have an impact on their ability to get future contracts.

Because the price of SWT has fallen by about 83.03 percent in recent months, it is likely that it is a smart purchase if you believe in the fundamentals of the coin. The coin has reached an all-time high of $3.94. The currency has a reasonable amount of trading volume on exchanges. As of July 2021, the token has a market capitalization of $204 million, which may seem to be a modest number, but it appears to be a decent figure, and it is possible that the token will gain momentum if the buzz begins to circulate in the market.

  • It has a great concept and working product.
  • It has a well-experinced team.
  • Great partnership lists.
  • Highly undervalued.
  • Lossing attractions.
  • Low trade volumes.