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Review on TokenPay by Josiah Ayuba

The limits of Tokenpay will so be broken. It's Community know what they want

Whoever says paying for games should also be made anonymous. Tokenpay, a unique coin which was created for the Royal Gaming tech platform as a mode of payment to access some of its services, makes Tor, compatible with it's Blockchain so as to allow for stealth addresses mode when making transactions. Tokenpay has in the past years made its way into many exchanges and so, accessing or buying this token is less stressful as it used to be. Back then, if you want to fund your Tokenpay wallet, you had to go through with some payment options which could be expensive if you use a currency other than the USD. Now, with the availability of Tokenpay coin, we can get our hands easily on it and begin accessing the rich game sources of Royal Gaming tech.

The use of the coin is basically more submerged in it's gaming platform but has been trying to make it an option of payment between merchants, something I don't see viable due to the anonymous nature of the payments. All the same, using tokenpay can be less costly and is a much faster medium of making payments. Hopefully as adoption comes, people will begin to understand the use of Tokenpay even outside Royal Gaming tech for stuffs like anonymous Charity payments and so on. It's a great project, there is a lot of development going on and on from time to time. Impressive work by the Community 👍

Pros & cons

  • Tokenpay makes use of Tor compatibilities in order to create stealth addresses for transactions thereby making or receiving payments, anonymous
  • Tokenpay supports a mobile wallet application alongside Personal Computers plus paper wallet. This gives a lot of choice to the user to select from
  • Transactions are very fast using tokenpay, it usually takes around 3 minutes. Plus they are very cheap
  • Different payment options are embedded in Tokenpay in order for the users to fund their wallet
  • Tokenpay use case is mostly submerged in paying for games from its parent company, Royal Gaming tech.