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Review on TokenPay by Robiul Islam

This company has made a coin that has combined all the advanced features of…

This company has made a coin that has combined all the advanced features of other privacies coins to make an ecosystem for anonymous and untraceable transactions. It also uses TOR network which adds extra protection to users. They have a nice social media presence, and they make some good strategic partnerships with Verge and Litecoin which are both good projects with a long history. Although it has many competitors, this is a solid project with good technology and a nice adoption strategy.

Updated 2 years ago
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What TokenPay done after my main review!

CryptoBet soft-launched for desktop .

The eFIN Mainnet and Wallets are live .

The .DOT ecosystem was announced.

Everything is going better and better, If you get eFin partnership or platinum membership, you will be able to trade for free and will also get many airdrops.

Pros & cons

  • TokenPay is using Proof of Stake algorithm to reach the consensus on the network. It makes TokenPay’s transaction is faster, cheaper and more energy efficient than Bitcoin. TokenPay SCI or Secure Communication Interface. Fast speed of transactions, making it much more practical to use. The only coin to be completely private and have an encrypted chat. 5% staking interest per year giving token holders an incentive to hold their tokens.
  • A lot of competitors: There are already coins out there that do pretty much the same thing as TokenPay or very similar.