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Review on Treelion by José A Rodríguez

Treelion: The Green Cause of Inclusion for the Marketplace

Green causes have been always connected to the world of tech and finances, but the most impressive of facts comes when they are linked to a sense of inclusiveness for the world where everyone can have access to their finances and bring new gates of social e-commerce. This is a special activity that is being developed in the roots of Treelion, a platform that is growing up as a literal digital tree in the world of financial industries focused on crypto.

Some things bring confidence to follow the project, but there are others yet to confirm. However, I to start with it I must admit that I like the design of this project because through the images it offers users can easily see what it is about. The project is global, and it's currently serving different world areas by fulfilling them with access to the blockchain system. For making it scalable, the company has created open-source access to their foundation which is the main leader to save the necessary capital and at these same time help other industries to raise its permanence in the market. It is clear that most of these things are still goals to demonstrate, but it is possible for the company to grow up rapidly.

Again, this is another company that is also permitting to find great solutions for the opportunities of investing in crypto. There is an exchange being directed by the developers of the main project, and they are looking forward to offering global access to institutional communities, and individuals in the market, all with equity. By implementing some strategies on that task, the leadership might also be extensive and go beyond.

But out of this, I'm still trying the deep sources of this project to check how much stable maybe its permanence in the future. It is true it has a long list of partners, but none of them has even proposed real support to make it advances in the market.

So, until now, Treelion is just a nice platform with a pretty good design. It deserves to explore, and I can assure there is no risk by accessing to its different sections. However, always be careful of the information you provided if you're not looking for a platform to invest in.

Pros & cons

  • It is a project with a magnificent green cause centred on the roots of inclusion and confidence between companies and individuals investors.
  • It has established some good partnerships among different public companies and mid institutions that are bringing support to the financial world.
  • The project is relatively good due to the transitions it has in a global landscape. Every day more people know about it.
  • The design of the platform is great. It was designed with careful ideas. The final development was amazing.
  • Still little in the market. The partners bringing support to it must provide more detail of what kind of attention they bring to the platform, and how they are recognized by their services.
  • It is another green cause that must demonstrate how well-effective it is due to the existing competition out there in the marketplace.